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CINOGY receives the German Innovation Award 2019

The jury of the German Innovation Award has decided again and honored the plasma medicine company CINOGY GmbH in the Medical & Health category for its innovation PlasmaDerm® Dress.

CINOGY GmbH was the first company in the world to successfully establish PlasmaDerm® therapy in everyday medical practice. The PlasmaDerm® products generate direct cold plasma by means of dielectric barrier discharge (di_CAP®). The skin acts as the opposite pole.

The therapy has an antimicrobial effect, also against multi-resistant germs, and has been proven to stimulate microcirculation. This increases the oxygen saturation in the blood, among other things. Wound healing can be optimally supported by this double effect.

PlasmaDerm® Dress has a decisive advantage
Dr. Dirk Wandke, founder of CINOGY GmbH, has recognized the potential of his innovation in wound healing: “PlasmaDerm® Dress is the first plasma-applied wound dressing with two special features. The dressing is larger and can be left under a bandage for up to seven days ”.
Plasma therapy with PlasmaDerm® is gentle and gentle. The high-frequency electric fields generated by di_CAP® can generate microcirculation in the tissue in addition to the antibacterial effect. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates collagen synthesis as well as cell regeneration and cell migration.
The handy and mobile device PlasmaDerm® Dress can also be used in your own four walls after instruction by the medical staff. This means that the plasma application is ignited more frequently and the application is optimized in a user-oriented manner.
Last but not least, the dress pad of the PlasmaDerm® device is made from 100 percent medical silicone. The perforation also allows the exudate to escape. This is particularly advantageous when used under the bandage.

The jury was won over by the high market potential and user orientation
“With several million chronic wounds and operations per year, PlasmaDerm® Dress can be used for better wound healing and to avoid MRSA – preventively, peri- and / or post-operatively,” says Karsten Sternberg, Managing Director of CINOGY GmbH.
This market potential, the effectiveness proven by studies and the specific user benefit convinced the German Innovation Award jury of the innovation potential of the PlasmaDerm® Dress.
The two managing directors Dr. Dirk Wandke and Karsten Sternberg accept the award at a festive event in Berlin. “We are very proud to have received the award for our PlasmaDerm® Dress,” said Sternberg. “And of course also to the entire team, which has a decisive share in the success,” adds Wandke, satisfied with the prize in hand.

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