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Can you see plasma?

Yes, if the prerequisites are right: When generating cold plasma, violet light is produced, which becomes visible when the surroundings are darkened.

For how long do I get the therapy package?

The doctor will give you the device and the corresponding number of spacers you need for a two-month treatment according to your indication. At the end of the two months, you can extend the therapy again or simply return the PlasmaDerm device free of charge. Nach Ablauf der zwei Monate können Sie die Therapie erneut verlängern oder das PlasmaDerm-Gerät ganz einfach kostenlos wieder zurücksenden.

How do I get PlasmaDerm @home (only available in Germany)?

Very easily. First of all, you need a suitable indication and a prescription from your doctor. You then contact us and we will send PlasmaDerm to your doctor, who will then also have to instruct you in the use of the device. You will then receive the appropriate PlasmaDerm device and, depending on your indication, the appropriate number of spacers for a rental period of 2 months.

How does the treatment with PlasmaDerm feel?

Treatment with PlasmaDerm is felt to be very pleasant and painless. Patients feel a slight tingling sensation during use.

How long does the PlasmaDerm treatment take?

An application of 90 seconds is recommended per contact surface of the electrode head. The duration of the treatment can vary depending on the size of the wound or application area. In the case of larger wounds, the spacer is placed overlapping. Our treatment recommendations, sent out on request, describe the optimal indicated application for many well-known clinical indications. We are also happy to advise doctors and patients personally if they have any questions.

How often does the treatment have to be repeated?

The application cycle of PlasmaDerm depends on the specific area of application. Treatment recommendations for the most important areas of application can be requested using our contact form. We also advise doctors, wound managers and patients / self-users personally on request.

How old do you have to be for a PlasmaDerm application?

As a patient you have to be at least 18 years old.

Is ozone dangerous?

PlasmaDerm produces ozone in low concentrations that are harmless to health.

Is the therapy reimbursed by the health insurance?

Even if cold plasma is already used as a standard therapy in some clinics, the technology is still so new and innovative that it has not yet been reimbursed by statutory health insurance. However, individual applications can be submitted to the respective fund. Depending on the indication, these will also be approved after the examination. We are happy to support you in communicating with your health insurance company in order to obtain reimbursement. By the way: private health insurance companies already often bear the costs, depending on the tariff. Self-payers, on the other hand, can claim the services as an extraordinary burden in the annual tax return (in Germany).

Is there electricity going through the body?

The clinically proven microcirculation is generated by high-frequency electrical fields. However, PlasmaDerm is a certified medical product and absolutely safe. The amount of current flow is far below the permitted limit values (at 5µA and thus well below normal mains current of 16A). There are no high temperatures (below 40 ° C), so there are no burns and no tissue heating. Cardiac currents are not stimulated, and the treatment is absolutely painless.

What are the side effects of PlasmaDerm?

No severe adverse events or side effects known, in rare cases patients report a prickling with the first application which deceases with repeated treatments, in some cases erythema are observed which are likely to be related to the increased microcirculation, single cases of wound pain during the first application are reported.

What can PlasmaDerm do?

PlasmaDerm works twice. First of all, antimicrobial: after only 20 seconds, PlasmaDerm kills almost all bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin. In addition, PlasmaDerm promotes microcirculation with a proven in-depth effect: As a result, cells and tissue are increasingly supplied with oxygen, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients and cell regeneration is stimulated.

What costs can arise?

The cost of PlasmaDerm @home depends on the length of the loan and the number of consumables. The innovative treatment with cold plasma has been proven to be highly effective and is already used as standard in many clinics, medical practices and wound centres. Nevertheless, a standard reimbursement by the statutory health insurance is unfortunately not yet provided (in Germany).

In individual cases, however, a takeover can be achieved. Please do not hesitate to contact us - We support you in communicating with your health insurance. By the way: In many cases, private health insurances cover the costs completely. However, you can also pay for the home therapy yourself after it has been prescribed by your treating doctor. The costs for a two-month therapy are 994.00 €. We would be happy to advise you in this case too (in Germany).

What if the health insurance doesn’t pay?

In this case, you have to bear the costs yourself. The costs for a 2-month therapy are 994.00 € plus VAT. They include the rental and service costs for the device, the costs for the spacers, the counselling and the technical service. After all, you can claim the costs for the therapy against tax under certain conditions. We will prepare an invoice for you, which you can use as an extraordinary burden deductible in your next tax return.

For a 4-week extension of the therapy, 278.00 € plus VAT will be charged (in Germany).

What is PlasmaDerm?

PlasmaDerm is a branded product and at the same time a technology that is officially recognized, effective and safe. It generates a tissue-compatible plasma that is no hotter than body temperature. It is perfect for reducing germs in microbially contaminated skin and wounds. The simultaneous deep stimulation of the skin or wound surface increases the microcirculation. The wound is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients - and heals faster and better.

When should PlasmaDerm not be used?

A few, very precisely specified patient groups are not allowed to use PlasmaDerm:


  • Patients with active, implanted medical devices, e.g. pacemaker, defibrillator
  • Patients with cardiac arrhythmias
  • Patients who have had a myocardial infarction ≤ 6 months
  • Patients with severe cardiac insufficiency
  • Patients with electrically conductive implants
  • Patients suffering from epileptic seizures
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients under 18 years of age

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