Plasma Technology for Health

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Treating patients with heavy or thick features comes with challenges not present in those patients lacking these physical characteristics. The authors report our experience with cool atmospheric plasma for facial contouring and skin rejuvenation of the heavy face and neck including rhinophyma. Cool atmospheric plasma is generated by running helium gas over radiofrequency energy. The resulting plasma is a fourth state of matter and has enhanced clinical effects for ablation and thinning of skin and soft tissues as well of contouring and tightening of deeper soft tissues and fascia. Cool helium plasma has been a very effective tool for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening as well as using it as a tool for nonexcisional microinvasive face and neck rejuvenation. Future research may indicate that it can help treat primary or recurrent superficial cutaneous malignancies.

Keywords: cool atmospheric plasma – facial rejuvenation – skin rejuvenation – rhinophyma – basal cell carcinoma