Plasma Technology for Health

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High-precision solutions
for every requirement​

The product family

Outstanding products – for every area of application

Tailored for every kind of wound treatment: the PlasmaDerm product family also enables treatment for large wound areas and can even remain under the dressing in the Dress version. Easy handling, ready for use quickly, and suitable for all phases of treatment!

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PlasmaDerm Flex

Treat large areas quickly: 
The best solution for large and very large or extensive wounds. 27.5 sq. cm is covered under the spacer, which can be applied multiple times in one treatment cycle. Simply repeatedly apply with a slight overlap and treat each area of skin for 90 seconds.

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PlasmaDerm Cutan

Effective with precision: 
Ideal for small wounds and cavities: The spacer attachment measuring 2 cm in diameter has a reliable germ-killing effect on the surface and stimulates the microcirculation in the tissue.

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PlasmaDerm Dress

Flexible and particularly versatile:
The very first certified plasma wound attachment can remain under the dressing for up to seven days – allowing the treatment to be applied even while a dressing is in place. An area of 100 sq. cm under the spacer, made from 100% medical silicone, with perforation for exudate management. Also suitable for post-operative use when sterile. Thanks to the elastic attachment surface, this spacer is ideal for the treatment of movement pain. As the attachment does not need to be sterile for movement pain, the PlasmaDerm Dress attachment can be used again and again in these cases.

Important support.
In all phases of wound healing.

All PlasmaDerm products can be used in all phases of wound healing and/or treatment and can also be combined.

For patients

The therapy package

Simple and highly effective – even at home. The unique treatment with cold plasma is now possible for everyone. Following a short briefing by the doctor, you can take the respective PlasmaDerm device home with you – and apply it there yourself with ease. We are happy to provide you  with information.

For doctors

The test device

Treat all patients in the best possible way. See for yourself the fascinating effect of PlasmaDerm: be among the first to equip your practice and clinic with our highly innovative, effective and safe technology. We are looking forward to impressing you and your patients.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have questions about the products, PlasmaDerm, its application options, possible cost coverage by your health insurer and more? You can find many answers directly in our FAQs. You are also welcome to use the contact form: We will get in touch with you personally shortly!