Plasma Technology for Health

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Encourages regeneration.
Effectively treat
inflammatory skin conditions.

Applications | Treat skin conditions gently

Gentle, safe and effective

Skin disorders such as acne, couperose or rosacea are widespread. It affects both adolescents and adults. Patients often suffer twofold – due to the changes to their complexion and due to itching and pain. The application of care products or special cleansers alone is often not sufficient for treatment. What’s more, many patients are unable to tolerate the usual medications. Particularly in such cases, treatment with cold plasma is very promising.

PlasmaDerm represents an outstanding option for complementing treatment for skin conditions at all stages. Itching and pain are significantly alleviated, the germ load on the skin is effectively reduced. Skin inflammation is effectively reduced. And all of this from home: The ease of handling of PlasmaDerm allows patients to perform the treatment on themselves without any problems. Pain-free, gentle on the skin and highly effective.

Typical areas of application

Where PlasmaDerm helps patients.

The cold plasma is effective in the early stage of the condition as well as for acute and chronic conditions. Skin irritation recedes, inflammation and pain decrease significantly. The connective tissue is strengthened and the structure of the skin is firmed up. Some indications have already been listed here. 

If you cannot find the condition you are looking for, just contact us. We will answer your questions, personally analyse the respective case, and assist you with treatment!

For patients

PlasmaDerm @home

Simple and highly effective – even at home. The unique treatment with cold plasma is now possible for everyone. Following a short briefing by the doctor, you can take the respective PlasmaDerm device home with you – and apply it there yourself with ease. We are happy to provide you  with information.

For doctors

The test device

Treat all patients in the best possible way. See for yourself the fascinating effect of PlasmaDerm: be among the first to equip your practice and clinic with our highly innovative, effective and safe technology. We are looking forward to impressing you and your patients.

Countless arguments

The most important benefits at a glance.

PlasmaDerm reduces the number of germs on the skin, alleviates itching and is thus so easy to operate that you can use it at home. 

Pomising therapy option PlasmaDerm reduces germs on the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The unique PlasmaDerm technology constitutes a completely new approach to the treatment of skin conditions. Numerous studies report impressive effects and successes.

Further areas of application

Chronic wounds

Better healing process.
Faster treatment success.
Fewer infections.

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Surgical wounds

Antimicrobial effect.
Verifiably activate wound healing.

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Movement pain

Lasting penetration.
Thanks to microcirculation, ideal for tennis elbow and similar conditions

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