Plasma Technology for Health

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Antimicrobial effect.
Verifiably activates
wound healing.

Applications | Optimum treatment for surgical wounds

Faster wound closure and
significantly reduced infection risk

Surgical wounds always represent risk factors. To ensure that healing occurs without complications, the highest hygiene standards must be observed before and after the intervention. There are also individual and case-specific risks: Many patients have their own risk factors such as being overweight, pre-existing conditions, medication with immunosuppressors, or even simply an advanced age and thus a weakened organism. Even the wounds themselves can be problematic. Artificially created orifices or openings always present a risk of infection, wounds with secondary infections do not heal up correctly – and more.

Treatment with PlasmaDerm has an antimicrobial effect and even acts against multi-resistant germs.
This effectively prevents the subsequent infection of the wound. PlasmaDerm crucially improves wound healing after the surgery: the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the wound area is increased. Wound healing is accelerated. Postoperative inflammation and the germ load of the wound are reduced. PlasmaDerm is even verifiably suitable for treating delayed healing and wound dehiscence. Wound pain is reduced, itching is alleviated and irritation-free scar formation is supported. All virtually without side effects, completely pain-free, safe, gentle and fast. A valuable treatment of surgical wounds.

Typical areas of application

Where PlasmaDerm helps patients

PlasmaDerm is a first-class complement to peri- and postoperative wound management. PlasmaDerm has an antimicrobial effect, which crucially reduces the risk of infection. PlasmaDerm supports doctors and patients during treatment for delayed wound healing or wound dehiscence. PlasmaDerm also promotes wound healing prophylactic for surgical wounds with indication-based risks and/or patients with individual wound-healing risks.

If you have any questions about the areas of application and treatment options with PlasmaDerm, please get in touch at any time: We look forward to advising you personally!

Successful examples

The basis for further success

Get in touch with us if you have questions about the examples. We will answer your questions, personally analyse the respective case and assist you with treatment!

For patients

PlasmaDerm @home

Simple and highly effective – even at home. The unique treatment with cold plasma is now possible for everyone. Following a short briefing by the doctor, you can take the respective PlasmaDerm device home with you – and apply it there yourself with ease. We are happy to provide you  with information.

For doctors

The test device

Treat all patients in the best possible way. See for yourself the fascinating effect of PlasmaDerm: be among the first to equip your practice and clinic with our highly innovative, effective and safe technology. We are looking forward to impressing you and your patients.

Countless arguments

The most important benefits at a glance

PlasmaDerm supports the treatment of surgical wounds preventively and peri- and postoperatively. The application has a dual effect: antimicrobial and through a targeted increase in the microcirculation. The wound thus gains a better oxygen supply and heals up much better and faster.

Treat surgical wounds optimally

The unique PlasmaDerm technology constitutes a completely new approach in wound treatment. Numerous publications report impressive effects and successes.

Further areas of application

Chronic wounds

Better healing process.
Faster treatment success.
Fewer infections.

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Skin conditions

Encourages regeneration.
Effectively treatinflammatory skin conditions.

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Movement pain

Lasting penetration.
Thanks to microcirculation, ideal for tennis elbow and similar conditions

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