Plasma Technology for Health

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Better healing process.
Faster treatment success.
Fewer infections.

Applications | Treat chronic wounds safely

Highly effective and gentle

Chronic wounds present huge challenges for patients and treatment teams. The quality of life of those affected is significantly impaired. Many patients suffer from the physical illness and increasingly also from mental aspects. In the worst-case scenario, the chronic wound even leads to amputation. The continuing treatment of wounds takes a lot of time and ties up valuable resources.

PlasmaDerm can provide crucial support here – and makes many things possible that medicine has so far been unable to do. Chronic wounds that are very difficult or even impossible to close are significantly stimulated. Even highly complex wound environments and larger wound areas can be treated. Wound healing is improved significantly and wound development is positively influenced. Wound closure occurs better, more often and faster. The ability to treat wounds can be restored for wounds where all other options have previously been exhausted. PlasmaDerm has an antimicrobial effect and is also highly effective against multi-resistant germs. And all of this is completely pain-free, has a minimal application time and practically no known side effects.

Typical areas of application

Where PlasmaDerm helps patients.

PlasmaDerm supports doctors, wound managers, carers, patients and relatives in treating practically all chronic wounds. Some of the most important indications can be found in the list.

Get in touch with us if the condition you are looking for is not in the list. We will answer your questions, personally analyse the respective case, and assist you with treatment!

Successful examples

The basis for coming treatments.

Get in touch with us if you have questions about the examples. We will answer your questions, personally analyse the respective case and assist you with treatment!

For patients

PlasmaDerm @home

Simple and highly effective – even at home. The unique treatment with cold plasma is now possible for everyone. Following a short briefing by the doctor, you can take the respective PlasmaDerm device home with you – and apply it there yourself with ease. We are happy to provide you  with information.

For doctors

The test device

Treat all patients in the best possible way. See for yourself the fascinating effect of PlasmaDerm: be among the first to equip your practice and clinic with our highly innovative, effective and safe technology. We are looking forward to impressing you and your patients.

Countless arguments

The most important benefits at a glance.

PlasmaDerm reduces the number of germs on the surface while also increasing the microcirculation of the skin through the stimulating, high-frequency electric field, thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

PlasmaDerm is provably effective for chronic wounds.

The unique PlasmaDerm technology constitutes a completely new approach in wound treatment. Numerous studies – including many of our own – report impressive effects and successes.

Further areas of application

Surgical wounds

Antimicrobial effect.
Verifiably activate wound healing.

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Skin conditions

Encourages regeneration.
Effectively treatinflammatory skin conditions.

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Movement pain

Lasting penetration.
Thanks to microcirculation, ideal for tennis elbow and similar conditions

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