Plasma Technology for Health

“I couldn’t imagine the positive effect of plasma.”

When she was 21, Uschi – now 60 – had a serious accident which she narrowly survived. Her lower left leg was cut off 99% of below the knee and then dramatically reattached. Many operations were necessary. A miracle for Uschi. And yet, restrictions remained that have accompanied her throughout her life. These includes the […]

Life Science Meeting in Düsseldorf

CINOGY at the Life Science Meeting “Atmospheric Plasmas: Novel therapeutic options in wound healing of skin and bone tissue” Wednesday, 23 March 2022 16.00-18.00 Registration online is still open until 22.03.2022 at: Registration – LifeScienceNet (   The cross-plaster was yesterday – wound healing with the help of plasma holds great potential for the treatment […]

Patient story epidermolysis bullosa (EB), the so-called butterfly disease

Epidermolysis bullosa

Das Leben mit Epidermolysis bullosa  CINOGY: Clara, describe yourself briefly. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Do you have a motto in life? My name is Clara, I am 22 years old and have been living with the rare skin disease epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica (EBD) or butterfly disease since birth. Butterfly […]

Patient story Hailey Hailey disease – a rare skin disease

Morbus Hailey Hailey

“I am living again” Melanie* is a young, optimistic woman who suffers from a rare skin disease – Hailey-Hailey disease1. Just when she has another flare-up, she tries to see everything positively and go through life optimistically. Melanie is an open-minded person who enjoys contact with other people. However, her illness made her withdraw more […]

Publication on the use of PlasmaDerm in epidermolysis bullosa published

Fachpersonal und Ärzte

Springer Medizin Verlag recently published a paper on the use of PlasmaDerm for the rare disease epidermolysis bullosa. In a pilot project, the response and tolerability of direct cold plasma therapy with PlasmaDerm was examined at two young female patients with epidermolysis bullosa. The rare, genetic skin disease epidermolysis bullosa is also known as butterfly […]

PlasmaDerm explanatory film

PlasmaDerm improves healing and therefore life! Would you like to know how PlasmaDerm works and what exactly happens in the body? We have explained the technology and how it works in an explainer video! Feel free to have a look under this link:

New treatment recommendations for healthcare professionals

Mehrwert PlasmaDerm

We have completed our treatment recommendations for various indications for doctors and specialists. In the treatment recommendations you will find the recommended treatment intervals as well as the mechanisms of action of PlasmaDerm for the individual indications. The integration into other diagnostic and therapeutic measures is also described. You can request the treatment recommendations in […]

Patient-friendly electrode pad for the PlasmaDerm Flex

neuer Space

We have made the electrode pad- the so-called spacer – even more user-friendly. From December our spacer for the PlasmaDerm Flex will be available in a new design. The foam used and the new treatment surface have become much softer and more flexible. The material hugs the surface of the skin or the wound even […]